Louise Deininger

Artist Statement

Being a conceptual artist whose works focuses on critical thinking about human consciousness with emphasis on the mind and its modifications I carry out extensive research on how Spiritual Science, Metaphysics, Quantum Theory, Human Development and other subject matters not limited to identity affect us.

How these various disciplines can influence man in understanding his role in the Universe and live in harmony with nature and one another.

This is depicted in various artistic techniques ranging from Acrylic paintings, collage, mixed media, drawings and objects in stylized forms including stencilled letters for more clarity in covered topics.


January- Group Exhibition Rundgang Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,Austria
March- Group Exhibition Exhibit- Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,Austria

May- Group Exhibition Viennoise Moe Vienna
January-Group Exhibition Rundgang Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Austria

October –Group Exhibition 10 th anniversary Dschungel Wien Vienna Austria

July-Solo Exhibition Innocence at the beginning –Sculpture Raum Gallery, Vienna Austria
May –Solo Exhibition Basic Laws of Human Consciousness- ORF Funkhaus Vienna Austria

October –Solo Exhibition –Matrix of Power -United Nations Golf Club (UNGC) Sussenbrun Vienna, Austria
May –Solo Exhibition Matrix of Power- Magaretten, Vienna Austria

Louise Deininger lives and works in Vienna Austria currently studying Kontextual painting at the Fine Arts Academy under the tutelage of Professor Hans Scheirl