As humans once in a lifetime we stop to ask ourselves why we truly came into existence and what the meaning of this thing we call life is, moreover we at times go even further by asking how it is possible to find lasting happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment in this seemingly competitive world that we are living in today.

In my case it was important to build an own philosophy of life to find elegant answers to my being which led to an adventurous journey of exploring the inner workings of my mind and its modifications through contemplation, meditation and extensive research on the outer world in the areas of consciousness, human and personal development, metaphysics, spiritual science and many other multi disciplinary subjects. As a conceptual artist I found that sharing my ideas through art can lead to finding meaning. So it is essential that one finds that gift within that they would like to share with the rest of the world – you never know how it can touch someones life in a positive way.

Secondly I had to find out how to articulate my vision in a language that is understandable not only to myself but to others and inspiring them to take action. This is how the power of meditation comes in, where we stop to listen to the quiet voice within and to receive elegant answers as they unfold – giving us a feeling of joy through seeing with the inner eye, listening with the inner ear and feeling with heart and soul

Lastly by contributing to a cause bigger than myself and allowing that to work through me has enabled the creation of Art Projects that bring about positive change in the lives of young people from post conflict societies. www.guyco.at.

In conclusion self analysis and critical thinking combined with creativity can assist in achieving balance in all areas, including abundance in health, career, spirituality, relationships and contribution to humanity. For I strongly believe that each and every human has a giant within that is waiting to burst forth. So by asking WHAT MUST I BECOME is key and then saying YES.